What to Wear for Family Photos

Family PortraitIf you’re new to family photos, trying to pick the right outfits can feel like a challenge. You don’t need to be a fashion guru to make sure your family is prepared for your photo shoot. Cornerstone Photography offers some helpful guidelines in choosing the right outfits for your family portrait session.

Be Comfortable

Wear what you feel good, confident, and comfortable in. Consider the weather, especially if your photo session takes place outdoors. You don’t want to be freezing in chilly weather or overheating underneath the sun’s rays. Your photos should show happiness and not discomfort.

Consider Color Palette

Don’t be afraid to use a range of shades from the same color family. Coordinate colors, but don’t match them. It is ideal to pick clothes in the same color scheme. Buying clothes from the same collection is also a useful tip if you plan on shopping for something new. Outfits that match too closely will blend in together, and we want everyone to stand out! For instance, if you want to incorporate golds and blues, then you can mix everything from buttercup yellow to caramel brows and pale oxford blue to deep denim. Also, choose clothes that have textures, as they add some vibrant details to the family portrait. Try to steer clear from too many bold patterns that could clash on camera. Don’t be afraid to grab some accessories; the details can make a big difference.

Think about the Seasons

Families that book fall and winter photo shoots should consider wearing knitted sweaters, scarves, brushed flannel, or delicate lace to add details. You get more mileage out of each outfit when you take advantage of layers, like jackets and scarves.

Remember to Have Fun

As your creative partner, we like to think outside the box and add in some fun—and sometimes silly—shots. Is there something your family loves to do that you want to capture in a photo? Make sure to come prepared and bring your personalized props!

Be Prepared

Don’t wait to look for clothes last minute. You don’t want to be scrambling for the right clothes on the day of the session. You want to be calm and ready to have some fun. Finding out one of the outfits you planned to wear actually needs to be cleaned or that it doesn’t fit right can put a wrench in your plans. Once you book your family portrait session, start putting together outfits as soon as possible.

We are proud to be the creative partners of families, schools, seniors, businesses. By using the tools of today, we create the memories of tomorrow. Contact us today to book your session! Our team of talented storytellers is excited to get behind the camera and tell your story.

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