Get Some Perspective on Portrait Packages

Your portrait session went off without a hitch. Your children, soon-to-be graduating student, spouse, or other loved ones couldn’t have looked more natural while smiling at the camera during their portrait session.

But now, you have to decide what size prints to order – after all, these photos will be on display in your home for years to come! Cornerstone Photography offers the following tips on choosing the right-sized photos for you and your family to enjoy:

Location, Location, Location!

Where do you imagine displaying your loved ones’ smiling profiles? Determining the size of the photos you should buy will ultimately depend on where you want to place them. Before ordering your prints, it’s important to visualize them in your home during your viewing appointment.

If you’re planning out a gallery wall with photos from your family portrait session or your senior’s session, we recommend using blue painters’ tape to measure out sizes and placement.

If you want the photos to be framed above your fireplace or on the wall lining your staircase, you’ll probably want larger prints. But if you’re just showing your colleagues and networking friends wallet-sized photos of your family, you obviously won’t need very large prints.

If you have any special frames you want to use to decorate your home, such as shadow boxes or photo cubes, let your photographer know!

Quantity and Quality

How many photo prints do you need? If you’re sending the whole extended family graduation or engagement photographs, or just an updated family portrait, you may want to purchase smaller-sized photos at a higher quantity. Your relatives probably don’t need an 8×10 inch print – but your in-laws might disagree! It never hurts to ask before making a final decision.

Extras to Consider

Think about the look of your prints. Are they going to be classic black and white photos, or color images? Are they going to be matted images or retouched in any way? These things may factor into the cost of your prints, so budget accordingly. Fortunately, Cornerstone Photography offers great packages at fair prices.

Be Forward-Thinking

If you’re planning on having your student pose for graduation photos, their portraits may come in use as they navigate the adult world. They can use their images on their LinkedIn profile or website and/or incorporate their photos into business cards. If they ever attend a networking event, they’ll be able to leave prospective employers with a good first impression.

There is a variety of portrait packages out there that are geared towards graduates. Our Graduation Celebration Package includes two of our most popular grad items at a discount. This package is only $149 and includes 1 Tassel Frame plus 25 5×7 graduation announcements (different styles available based on session).

Cornerstone Photography can help you decide which of our portrait packages will suit your needs. Plan ahead and book your family portraits today. Be sure to schedule your photo session before our calendar fills up.

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