Taking Care of Business Headshots



The idea that looks don’t matter simply isn’t true, especially when it comes to the business world. Whether you’re a working professional, job candidate, or employer, you have the opportunity to make a lasting first impression on those you meet.

Before you reach for your cell phone camera to take your new website or LinkedIn profile photo, stop for a minute. If you’re a business owner, you’re offering prospective clients the best of your services. Why sell yourself short with mediocre selfies?

At Cornerstone Photography, we believe that quality business photos help showcase your personality and professionalism. Here are a few reasons why getting professional headshots is important, as well as a few tips for the day of your shoot:

Why business headshots are your best shot

Your prospective clients want to know who they’re working with before the work begins. Adding a photo of yourself to your website, online profiles, business cards, and other promotional materials gives your company a more human side. And when you network in the community, your clientele and contacts will be able to associate your name with a face!

A high-quality photo of yourself will also help you stand out from the competition. People who see you online will take you more seriously because they can see you put thought and effort into your business’s image.

Time for an upgrade

But what if you already have business headshots? If they were taken more than two years ago, you need to update your branding collateral. You don’t want to confuse clients by appearing much older in real-life than you do in your pictures. Additionally, other changes you’ve made to your appearance (weight loss, new hairstyle, cosmetic work, etc.) will warrant an updated professional photo.

Dress to impress

Wear professional, well-fitting clothes that make you feel comfortable. Avoid patterned fabrics; stick with tried and true solid colors. You can choose to dress in colors that will make you “pop” if you’re posing in front of a white or dark backdrop. If you’re unsure if your outfit will work, bring three different options to your photoshoot.

Men should wear a dress shirt with or without a tie, or a polo. If you’re going jacket-less, avoid wearing white, as it will appear too bright.

Ladies, limit your clothing options to tops and dresses with sleeves. Keep your jewelry simple and minimal. And when it comes to makeup, make sure it looks natural; avoid sparkly or shimmery powders and too-bright colors.

Other photoshoot tips

On the day of your shoot, you’ll want to keep the following suggestions in mind:

• You’ll want a variety of headshots to work with. Ask your photographer to take both vertical and horizontal shots of you.
• Tell your photographer if you want to use a colorful backdrop. Chances are, he or she will use a more neutral background, like white or grey, unless you say otherwise.
• While on set, bring a hairbrush, makeup, and anything else you need to help touch up your face.
• Bonus tip: If you bring your last headshot with you, your photographer can work with you and see what can be improved this time around.

Investing in a professional headshot is investing into your career. Start the New Year off right by getting professional headshots that will impress you and your clients. Plan ahead and book your photography session today.

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