Celebrating our Creative Partners

Happy family in formal attire

For the past twenty-five years, Cornerstone Photography has worked with families of all sizes to create cherished family portraits. Many of our clients have known Peter since he was a one-man operation and have returned year after year to update their family portrait. We love working with families to find fun and creative ways to capture who your family is, right now.

Bursting with Creativity

Year after year, the Majus family gives us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles to make portraits that stand out from the crowd. Their sense of humor and love for each other makes our job easy. Each year, the whole family (including two sons-in-law!) comes together for a portrait session. We are so proud to look back on all the great images we’ve collaborated with them to create and can’t wait to see what they’re up to this year!

A Look at their Family Scrapbook

In 2012, we went out on location to create a beautiful and traditional portrait session in a natural backdrop. This location is one of our favorite hidden gems, and their coordinated—but not matching—wardrobe selections compliment the rustic location beautifully.

Family Portrait in the woods

In 2013, we continued their traditional and formal family session, but decided to get a little more creative with a pillow fight for their holiday card. We love their adorable pajamas and how they do something fun and formal each year!

Family in formal attire and in pajamas

In 2016, they threw a curve ball at us, or rather, a few snowballs! They asked us to create a winter wonderland, and our team got to work. As always, they selected the perfect outfits for their plan, and everyone was ready for a day in the snow from head to toe.

Happy family playing in snow

Even though it was an 80-degree October day in Southern California, we wanted that magical, snowy feeling to feel as real as possible. We spread out as much batting “snow” as we could fit on the floor to create this snowflake pose, and then filled in the gaps with some careful editing work!

Family doing snow angels

Last year, they surprised us yet again with their out-of-the-box thinking and got cozy in their onesies. Truth be told: we can’t decide which onesie is our favorite! They also added another member to the family in this session. The formal shot was created as a composite with each pair photographed separately then merged together to make sure everyone looked their best. This meant we could light each pair individually, which is an especially helpful technique for large groups.

Family in formal wear and in pajamas

One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs as photographers and storytellers is watching families grow over the years. Specializing in generational photography, our team enjoys watching the transformations of families over time.

We are proud to be the creative partners of families, schools, seniors, businesses, and more by using the tools of today to create the memories of tomorrow. Contact us today to book your session! Our team of talented storytellers is excited to get behind the camera and tell your story.

Don’t wait! The time to book your family portraits and holiday cards is now. Plan ahead and schedule your photo session to beat the holiday rush.

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